KairosDB inner workings; how does it store data in Cassandra?

KairosDB is a timeseries database built on Cassandra. Even though it is coded in a way to support different database backends, it is known mostly by its usage of Cassandra as a scaleable and performant time series data storage. With KairosDB, you can store timeseries metric data in different types and then query them with aggregations over time units. In this article, we will look into the details of KairosDB and its two different Cassandra schema to understand how the insert, delete and read operations we do, work under the cover.

Using Docker and Docker-Compose to setup a local working environment, ready to be scaled.

Let’s talk about running your Node.js applications, in a way that makes it easier to migrate to continuous integration and deployment pipelines later on the road. There are too many things that you can do in DevOps layer that will make your code more readable and easier to maintain. For example: You can assume that every configuration is retrieved through a single file, then make a spec in your Kubernetes cluster to dynamically create this file through ConfigMaps, which would solve your problem of moving/managing configuration files on multiple servers.

How I Made This Blog?

I haven’t been designing any GUI’s since i switched from Web development to other platforms. Most of the projects i’ve worked on for the last few years were either single page designs, or they worked in the background. Even though i’m not very up-to-date with web technologies(except trying out React&Redux for a few weeks), i always wanted to experiment with Static Website Generators. After investigating a little bit, i decided to make this blog using Hugo and Github Pages.


Hello, I’m Yiğitcan! I have been programming since my late highschool years. I’m currently studying Computer Science at Trakya University. I’ve played with various technologies and programming languages for the past 5 years. I’ve had the chance of working with Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms. Even though it was hard to decide and dedicate myself on something; i chose to improve myself on Microservice architecture and Container technologies, using Scala and NodeJS as my main languages.